Climate change in Catalonia

21/07/2007 Effects of climate change in Catalonia this winter

  • Jellyfish normally leave the coast in winter, but they’ve stayed this year because of the high temperatures of 15ºC (rather than 12-13). Winter rains which reduces the coastal sea’s salt level and pushes jellyfish out to deeper waters, have been sparse and so jellyfish have stayed. Banks of Pelagia noctiluca seen off Costa Brava. See also Spanish jellyfish

  • More and more hoopoes and storks are wintering in Catalonia instead of flying south. Previously rare Catalan species ( black-shouldered kite, thekla lark & orphean warbler) are increasingly turning up. More here (El Periodico) . See also Climate change in Spain

  • Update (23/01/06). Effects of climate change in Galicia: many butterflies, dragonflies and amphibians active. Oak tress keeping their leaves along coast (Voz de Galicia)