Climate change in Asturias.

Future effects of climate change in Asturias.

  • 09/02/2007 More heat, less but more torrential rain Semi-tropical climate within several decades. Rise 1-2 in winter and 2-4 in summer. Less rain in all seasons apart from Autumn.
  • Agriculture not excessively affected though heat will allow warmer crops to thrive. The famous “huerta murciana” would move north to Asturias. Irrigation would be needed.
  • Livestock farming, an essential element of Asturian landscape, threatened by less grass growth.
  • Flooding along Asturian coast, especially in points such as Rí­a de Villaviciosa and Ribadesella. Disappearence of some dune systems
  • 17 new marine specieshave been detected in recent years in Asturian Cantabrian Sea. Sardines are moving north to British Isles
  • Lusher forests and benefits for bears. Bad news for much of the planet, but bear expert Roberto Hartasánchez of Fapas, often quoted by iberianature, is less catastrophic seeing acid rain as more urgent problem for forests in region. Bears, at least in Asturias, could benefit from milder climate. More here from La Voz de Asturias See also Climate change in Spain
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