Destruction of the Spanish coast

The destruction of the Spanish coastline is subject to this slideshow in today’s Guardian. In the photos below, Benidorm in 1960 and in 2009.  A graphic example indeed, though I think the sprawl of second homes in the last twenty years has done much more harm and benefitted far fewer people.

See also:

  • Destruction at all co(a)st 2008 Report on the situation of the Spanish coast (Greenpeace) “The Builders and Developers Federation estimates that Spain needs more than 300,000 new dwellings every year. However, during the last four years, this number has almost tripled with 800,000 new dwellings valued between the second half of 2006 and May 2007. Now, the slump in the real estate market has plunged the construction sector into a depression that has affected the entire country.” Excellent review
  • State of the Spanish coast (iberianature 2004)
  • Also in today’s Guardian:  Campaigners warn of threat to one of Spain’s last pristine beaches “Politicians have long promised to bulldoze the Algarrobico hotel, but the 411-room glass and concrete structure still towers over the El Algarrobico beach in Almería, south-east Spain. Now campaigners say the authorities have changed their tune and are opening the way to more building on this stretch of protected Mediterranean coast.

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