The Cantabrian brown bear on Wikipedia

The Cantabrian brown bear (Ursus arctos) now has its own page on Wikipedia which will, hopefully, be of interest to a worldwide readership and bring it more attention internationally. There’s information on the tricky subject of the scientific classification of Ursidae species as well as threats that are currently confronting the bears’ survival and the conservation measures being undertaken to combat them to ensure their continued presence in Spain.

Cantabrian brown bears, Fapas

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  1. Hugh Byrne says:

    Anything at all that can help is a good thing. I feel usless behind my laptop here in work. I often talk to people abuot such issues and in general most people have a good attitude twords the enviroment and the wild life living within, but they all presume that some one else will take care of things. I wish you all the best for the future and i look forward to maybe seeing a wild brown bear in Spain for my self….Hugh Byrne

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