Bear found dead in Palencia

The second brown bear in a month has been found dead in Palencia, in the Parque Natural de Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre. Environmental groups have denounced the widespread use of poison in the area. A bear was found dead in the same area in August 2007. An autopsy revealed that it had been poisoned with carbofuran. (El Pais)

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  1. […] autopsy has shown that the bear found dead in Fuentes Carrionas last week died an accidental death from a cranial injury possibly due to a […]

  2. nick says:

    Lisa notes on the forum

    “At least the article in El País mentions the San Glorio threat too. According to the area was combed after the discovery of the decomposing corpse on Saturday to look for other remains. They found the head. (Doesn’t sound like poisoning to me unless any dead wolves are found too.) The bear was male and about one year old.”,215.60.html

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