Sheep and goats in the Picos de Europa

Lisa has some great photos over at the forum of a sheep and goat show in Potes, Picos de Europa, organised by Fundation for the Conservation of the Lammergeyer. She notes “The FCQ hopes to re-introduce three Lammergeyer into the Picos next spring. SEO Asturias have their misgivings over the release, however, due to the still prevalent practice of poisoned bait being put down for other species. The more interaction and dialogue between everyone the better I think, if this practice is to be stamped out.” Below Picos goat breed. Read and see photos on the forum

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2 Responses to “Sheep and goats in the Picos de Europa”

  1. nick says:

    It seems these goats are

    Moncaina or Pirenaica or a cross between the two

  2. nick says:

    Srill not sure as to name of above breed

    Spanish goat breeds are:

    De fomento: (in expanison)

    Majorera, Malagueña, Murciana-Granadina, Palmera yTinerfeña.

    De protección especial:

    Agrupación de las Mesetas, Azpi Gorri, Blanca Andaluza o Serrana, Blanca Celtibérica, Bermeya, Del Guadarrama, Florida, Gallega, Ibicenca, Jurdana, Mallorquina, Moncayo, Negra Serrana, Papoya, Pirenaica, Retinta y Verata.

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