Bears breeding near Oviedo

According to Fapas, bears are coming closer and closer to Oviedo in the valle del Trubia.  A female bear with cubs has been detected within 8 kilometres of the city’s administrative limits, the first time cubs have been detected in the Trubia for ten years. This central area now seems to comprise three breeding females and is an essential step in joining the two separate bear populations.  LNE

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  1. nick says:

    Bear from the west has reached the bears in the east

    Great news and deserving its own post is this written by Lisa on the forum,215.60.html

    “A bear from the west has reached the bears in the east. According to studies being carried out by the University of Oviedo and the Consejería de Medio Ambiente, the presence of a male bear from the Asturian population has been confirmed in the Cantabrian/Palencian population area. The last time this happened was in the 1990’s when an injured male bear was found to have made the crossing, but sadly he died. In order for the gene pool of the eastern bears to improve, a minimum of one birth every ten years as the result of mating with a western male would be necessary. This is now a possibilty.”

  2. nick says:

    I wrote this last year

    It seems bears are becoming increasingly accustomed to humans in some areas. There have been a number of sightings/signs of bear(s) within 5km of Oviedo, the capital of Asturias. Roberto Hartasánchez, president of FAPAS, notes «there are at least nine bears in the Valle de Trubia. Most are young males or adults with an erratic behaviour which can travel a number of kilometres a day in search of food». Although the proximity to Oviedo centre is evident, Hartasánchez says that the Valle de Trubia is home to excellent forests with abundant chestnuts, a perfect food and habitat for bears. The ever greater number of houses around the town does not appear to have them scared off. Hartasánchez again notes that bears «adapt very well easily and accept a human presence». One of the key factors (listen up Pyrennean yuppies) is the respect hunters have for bears in the Oviedo region.

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