Antonio Machado in Soria

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3 Responses to “Antonio Machado in Soria”

  1. nick says:

    PS Didn’t know about the 100th anniversary

  2. nick says:

    Hi Alfredo,

    You can watch it here above on youtube – but you need cookies enabled.


  3. Alfredo says:

    Shame i never got to see this documentary it sounds really interesting. We have been on the Route of Machado in the province of Soria to the places where he wrote some of his famous pieces. Although he was from Seville it was the Sorian landscape and his lovely wife, that was the inspiration for most of his work. Its sad that his wishes to be buried in Soria were ignored and he now lies in France.

    His memory is well and truly here, this year (2007) Soria is celebrating 100 years of Machado connection with the province.

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