Aerial photos of Catalonia – 1929


I came across this remarkable set of aerial photos of Catalonia. Above the Delta del Llobregat, now a sad vestige of its former glory. Continue reading …

Above the Delta del Llobregat, now a sad vestige of its former glory. Below, Montgat, just 20 kms from Barcelona, and a very different Lloret de Mar, though early domestic tourist constuctions are in evidence. Many more photos here at the Catalan Cartography Institute

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  1. Simon says:

    Print versions of aerial photography maps have been available from the Institute for years now! But like these images as the oblique camera angle speaks volumes more!

    I’ve just been reading an extract in Granta from a soon to be published book, ‘Bloody Old Britain’ by Kitty Hauser (Granta Books, May 2008) in which the author tells the story of the beginning of the use of aerial photography for mapping, in this case archaeological sites, thanks to the pioneering work of O. G. S. Crawford.

    Granta details other works by Hauser, notably ‘Shadow Sites: Photography, Archaeology and the British Landscape 1927-1955’ (Oxford University Press). One for the Christmas stocking, perhaps!

  2. nick says:

    Lucy notes on the forum
    “Hi Nick, I’ve been looking at the photographs of Catalunya, particularly the one of the Delta. Imagine if you were born there in the twenties and lived through those radical changes. Even the course of the river has been redirected! When walking near the river the other day I was struck by the contrast of the two banks: on the Zona Franca side, completely industrial, construction going on, heavy lorries etc. (in photo, fields!) and on the Cal Tet side, the sound of birds, wind in the reeds, kingfishers etc. Then it was pointed out to me that both sides were completely artificial – the lagoon and the reed beds didn’t exist until very recently. Shows how quickly wetlands can be recreated – if space for them remains …. ”
    Follow this thread:,998.0.html

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