Spain and Portugal to work together on lynx

Spain is to “cede” several pairs of Iberian lynx in 2009 born in the captive breeding programme in Doñana (11 cubs raised over last 2 years) , to Portugal where, according to El Pais, the species is in the “critical stage of pre-extintion” (most experts say it is in fact extinct). A new breeding centre is to be built in Silves (Algarve)

The plan is reintroduce the lynx by 2011 in four areas of Portugal (sierras de Malcata, Nisa y San Mamede, Valle del Guadiana, Odemira y Valle del Sado) where it became extinct at some point in the late 1990s after the decimation of rabbit populations through virus and fire.  The last Portuguese lynx was last detected in 2003 by DNA analysis of faeces  in the Valle del Guadiana. El Pais