Possible dolphin epidemic

Experts are on the alert to a possible dolphin epidemic after numerous dolphins have been found dead on the coast of Valencia. In the last two months 29 striped dolphins(delfín listado – Stenella coeruleoalba) have been found dead with a a virus known as cetacean measles, similar to a virus which caused a high death rate among Risso’s dolphin (calderones tropicales) in the Mediterranean last winter. An epidemic decimated striped dolphin populations in the Mediterranean in the early 1990s . Experts hope that this will not occur this time. Many cetaceans in the Mediterranean have very low immunity levels due to pollution. El Mundo

Striped dolphin in Almeria

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  1. […] the Spanish Mediterranean, as their resistance to cetacean measles is weakened through hunger. See Possible dolphin epidemic for more details. (El Mundo) striped dolphins delfín listado Stenella coeruleoalba overfishing […]

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