Bear deaths

Lisa of picos-accommodation has reported on the forum on these lamentable bear deaths in Spain during the summer. Follow the thread on the forum

“Franska, the female bear accused of having killed 150 sheep in the Pyrenees, was killed in a road “accident”” near Lourdes last Thursday (9th) at 6.30am. Her search for territory has ended. Photo below from Fapas. An autopsy has revealed dozens of small calibre gun shot pellets were found in her body dating from weeks before.  Her bullet-ridden body is being blamed for her erratic behaviour (farmers blame her for the death of 150 sheep in a couple of months) The autopsy also revealed her age as being 17 and not 7 as the Slovenian authorities had stated.”

“Environment news from regards the death as suspicious. Had she been regularly crossing the road at that point I wonder? Of the five Slovenian bears reintroduced to the Pyrenees, there are now three remaining. Another female was found dead at the foot of a cliff not long after being released.”

“Sadly, another dead bear from; A dead bear has been found in a field in the Palentine area of the Cordillera (we were driving in the area yesterday) and tests are being carried out to try and establish the cause. As the photo shows, much of the corpse has been eaten by other animals. The bear was about 20 years old so it could have died of natural causes (on open ground??) although in the last few years, 9 bears have been found dead in this area; 6 poisoned, 2 shot and one cause of death unknown. Possibly, cubs could be added to this list affected by the death of mothers”