200 cases of tularemia in Castilla y Leon

The Junta del Castilla y León have confirmed 42 new cases of tularemia (also known as rabbit fever) among the population, in all probability trasmitted directly and indirectly by common voles after the explosion of their population in the region. So far in 2007, a total of 200 people have caught the disease, endemic to the region, though last year there was only one case. El Pais See also Explosion of common vole population in Castilla

Wikipedia notes on tularemia “The disease has a very rapid onset, with headache, fatigue, dizziness, muscle pains, loss of appetite and nausea. Face and eyes redden and become inflamed. Inflammation spreads to the lymph nodes, which enlarge and may suppurate (mimicking bubonic plague). Lymph node involvement is accompanied by a high fever. Death may result”

Note: with antibiotics tularemia is not usually life-threatening though the recovery period takes time.

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  1. nick says:

    El PSOE asegura que la incidencia de la tularemia podría ser “4 ó 5” veces superior a lo confirmado por la Junta
    La portavoz de Sanidad de la Ejecutiva del PSCyL-PSOE, María Teresa Rodrigo, aseguró hoy que la incidencia de la tularemia como consecuencia de la plaga de topillos en la Comunidad, podría ser “cuatro o cinco” veces superior a los 270 casos confirmados por el Gobierno regional, al tiempo que mantuvo que se trata de “un brote epidémico”.

    La Junta reconoce otro caso de tularemia por la pesca de cangrejos

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