Success for Imperial Eagle in Doñana

Nine Spanish imperial eagle chicks have hatched this year in Doñana, following the nine of 2006. Only three chicks were born in 2005 due to the severe drought of that year, In the 1990s, an average of just three chicks were born a year. In addition to the 18 born in the last two years, five female chicks have been introduced by hacking. As with the lynx, work is being done on increasing Doñana’s rabbit population, the principal food source for the imperial eagle, with the aim of increasing the number of pairs (8 at present).

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  1. […] video is about a Spanish imperial eagle, filmed landing on its eyrie in Monfrague National park, just opposite a car […]

  2. […] Good news for the Imperial Eagles in Doñana, which have raised all 10 of the chicks hatched this year. 70% of the chicks fledged since 2006 are female, thanks to a project of invention to revert the proportion of sexes.El Mundo. I’m a little confused as I had previously reported that only 9 had been hatched this year – more here Success for Imperial Eagle in Doñana […]

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