White-tailed eagle seen in Spain for first time in 53 years

A white-tailed eagle (Lat. Haliaaetus albicilla – Sp. Pigargo común) has been seen in Spain for first time in 53 years on Monte Perdido. Observan por primera vez un ejemplar de pigargo europeo en Monte Perdido (El Mundo). This is the first time the bird has been sighted in Aragon. The images were taken by an automatic camera set up to monitor fauna.

According to the Libro Rojo de las Aves, the last sightings of white-tailed eagle in Spain were:

Albufera de Valencia (1887 and 1916), Castellón (1942) and Delta del Ebro-Tarragona (1953). Each individual was shot.

This Ministerio de Medio Ambiente document states they are classified as extinct, and that once definately bred in the Balearics (Ibiza and Mallorca) the latter in 19th (?) century, and possibly in Girona



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