Largest snake in Spain

Montpellier snake by Stephen Daly. More great photos by him here below and on his site. As long as two metres, the Montpellier Snake is Spain’s largest snake and probably the commonest snake in the Mediterranean region and in Spain. This is despite the numerous deaths on the roads to which it is attracted in search of heat, and its persecution by man – it is seen as a threat to small game species and farm birds because of it size. On the contrary the Montpellier appears to be on the rise, as it easily adapts to humanised environs, which push out its competitor snake species. It is in theory one of the five venomous snakes in Spain , though the back position of its venom fangs means poison injection is unusual, and the latter reputedly weak. See also snakes in Spain quiz

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  1. nick says:

    Hi Tania,

    Very possible. Montpellier snakes are the most human tolerant snakes in Spain, as other species are pushed out they can take over. Barcelona’s Zona Franca has for instance a healthy population


  2. Tania Taylor says:

    Hi, I think I spotted one of these snakes in a flower bed in close proximity to my house. I was surprised as although it is rural property in the hills near Tortosa, in three years there has been no eveidence of snakes. This was large and I am hoping it has not taken up residence in my cisterna – is this likely?

    Many thanks for any insights you have

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