29/03 Waterbirds delay their migration to Spain (El Mundo -30/03 And general trend is for birds to arrive earlier from Africa (El pais)

  • 29/03 Bear traps found in Somiedo (El Mundo )
  • 25/03 Wolves in Andújar (Fapas)
  • 18/03 Montfragüe declated National Park (El Mundo)
  • 18/03 Lynx found dead died of infection (Terra)
  • 07/03 Black vulture to be reintroduced to Catalonia, making it only place in Europe with all four vultures (portaldelmedioambiente)
  • 05/03 Spain’s natural parks under threat from urbanism (El Pais)
    • 05/03 Spain’s natural parks under threat from urbanism (El Pais)

      01/03 Vole poisoning denounced as unselective (Terra)

      27/02 Reservoirs at 60%, 10 points above this time last year, though Segura and Júcar still critical (El Mundo).

      20/02 Tiger mosquito now present in 26 municipalies in Catalonia, a fourfold growth over 2005 (La Vanguardia) see Tiger Mosquitoes

      15/02 64 rare birds in Spain in January including this African crake (Rare Birds in Spain)

      14/02 Wolves being killed by snares in Galica (TVE video – click on Reproducir)

      14/02 Rainfall set to fall in Iberian Peninsula by up to 40% by 2070 (El Pais)

      14/02 Doñana scientists finally prove that rare greater noctule bat like the peregrine falcon feeds on passerine birds (El Mundo)

      12/02 Earthquake of 6.1 off Portuguese Coast hits Iberian Peninsula, the strongest since 1969. Buildings evacuated in Andalucia. (El Pais)

      12/02 Illegal hunting ring broken up in Sierra de Gredos (Forum)

      11/02 Experts defend declaration of bear areas as “remote” and therefore exempt from removal of carrion (LNE)

      11/02 Bears increasingly becoming acclimatised to areas of human activity (FAPAS)

      04/02 Predicted effects of climate change on Spain: less snow, less beaches, Arid climate of Almeria to spread to much of Andalucía & Castilla-La Mancha. Doñana threatened. Reduction in water resources of 5%- 14% before 2030 (El Pais)

      30/01 Worst storms in El Hierro’s history with 500mm in 36 hours decimates population of highly endangered El Hierro Giant Lizard. Only 102 survive of world pop. of 282 have survived (El Pais) 31/1 WWF classify disaster as internationally important (WWF)

      30/01 Oil Slick in Algeciras (forum) Demo. in Ronda 10/02 (forum)

      29/01 Iberian Lynx documentary on Cuatro at 21:30 Saturday 3rd (Cuatro)

      25/01 European storm petrel named SEO’s bird of the year for 2007. Some 5,000 breeding pairs live in Spain’s coasts (SEO) Previous birds of the year

      23/01 Galician wolves becoming increasingly “urban” as fire, and lack of prey and carrion drive them from country. Attacks on livestock are up. (Voz de Galicia)

      18/01 Pelican and spoonbill chicks in BCN zoo to hatch soon, months earlier than usual. Climate change blamed (La Vanguardia)

      17/01 300 sheep killed (photo below) in a stampede after vultures attack sheep in a pen in Loarre, Aragon (Alto Aragon). New attack kills eight in Aragon (Alto Aragon) Appears related to closure of vulture feeding stations. More here on forum

      16/01 Environment minister claims current drought, now in its third year, is worst in Spanish history (El Pais ) Aquifers are now at 25% of capacity.

      10/01 Situation of bears in French Pyrenees+use of chien patou guard dogs to protect flocks (Empreinte Ours 2 – PDF)

      10/01 Spanish met office (INE) doubts 2007 will be hottest year in modern history (Consumer)

      06/01 Situtation still critical for lynx despite the birth of 63 cubs in the wild in 2006 (El Mundo)

      06/01 63 rare birds recorded in December in Spain (Rare Birds in Spain)

      01/01 Climate change may be casuing many brown bears to stop hibernating in the Cantabrian mountains, the only to do so in Europe (The Independent) + (Fapas/El Pais)

      01/01 Dinosaur fossils in Teruel thought to be new giant (New York Times) + New species of dinosaur found in Castellon (Ambientum)