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I’ve recently started using the wonderful Wondershare QuizCreator application to build nature and history quizzes for my website. I must say I am extremely impressed with the ease, speed and simplicity of use. And it’s a lovely smooth design with hundreds of options. This is a beautiful bit of programming.

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You can build quizzes in eight different formats and if you fancy, which is what I did, pick and mix them together to form a hotchpotch of questions. The 9 different options are:

Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Sequence, Word Bank, Click Map and Short Essay. Another one I can think would be categorising things (e.g. birds (eagles, sparrows, ducks), mammals (cows, horses, dogs), insects (flies, bugs, beetles) etc. I think you get the idea. I’m sure they’ll get round to it one day.
While you’re working you can review the questions and test them out. It’s also very easy to change question order and go back and correct those inevitable errors. It’s also a doddle to improve and adapt the design of the quiz pages by adding ¡multimedia such as images, screen shots, audios (narration and text-to-speech), Flash videos and Flash movies. So far, I’ve only used the images, You can also insert math and science symbols with the equation editor to create quizzes for Math, Physics, and Chemistry testing, but this is not something I’ll be doing personally as I know squat about these hard science subjects

Then, when you’re happy with the final result, simply generate the flash and upload it to your web. Alternatively you can generate the quizzes as Word, Excel documents or even as an .exe which you can then distribute as a CD. Ideal for handing out to students. And as long as you save the project you go back and edit it any time and upload it again.

There are stacks of other customisations on the workings of the actual quiz such as security settings: (Set Access Control with password, pre-set accounts to prevent access to the quiz for unauthorized quiz takers. Protect your quizzes with domain hosting limitation), Randomization (Shuffle questions and answers in different orders to prevent quiz takers from cheating), and a number of other besides which I still haven’t tried yet. You can also adapt the general layout of each quiz to your tastes and needs, changing colours, changing screen widths, fonts, backgrounds, etc.

An upgrade option is available which gives you a very snazzy possibility to run their whole thing on their Quiz Management System (QMS). They also promise that the survey creation feature makes QuizCreator a powerful survey software for generating effective surveys in minutes. I haven’t tried this but I see no reason why it shouldn’t work well.

Another thing that made me go with these people was that there forum looks to be very busy with loads of users and questions which is always a good sign when buying into a product.

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