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Dinosaur prints in Asturias

Dinosaur prints in Asturias (Yacimiento de Icnitas)

This a group of 446 dinosaur prints in Asturias from the Jurassic. The prints on the Playa de la Griega are of a large sauropod, and measure 130cm across. They are the largest dinosaur prints found so far in Spain and among the largest anywhere in the world.

Some sites along the so-called Dinosaur coast include:

  • La playa de Merón , los acantilados de Oles y el faro y puerto de Tazones (Villaviciosa).
  • Los acantilados de Lastres y la playa de La Griega (Colunga).
  • La playa de Vega, los acantilados de Tereñes y la playa de Ribadesella (Ribadesella).

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