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Black Stork in Spain

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10/1072006 Navas pinewood saved again (see below (El Pais) 08/10 Builder goes ahead with cutting down of Las Navas Pinewood, despite ruling (see below) (El Pais). 06/10 Building of 1600 luxury home estate+4 golf courses in Castilla-Leon stopped to save black stork and imperial eagle. Huge Las Navas pinewood is safe for now in key decision (El Pais)

Black storks tracked in Africa

23/02/06. News of the two black storks (Cigüeñas negras - Ciconia nigra) of the flyingover proyect. XXXX It seems that "Espartero", the black stork marked in Salamanca , may well have died near his winter roost in Chad , close to the frontier with Cameroon . Good news however for "Esperanza" the female sub-adult from Ávila who has spent the winter between Senegal and Mali , and is expected to return to the Iberian Peninsula soon. More here on this international project. •  http://www.alados.org/flyingover

English-Spanish-Catalan translation of Black Stork

  • Black Stork : cigüeña negra : cigonya negra : Ciconia nigra






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