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Photos of Asturias by Luis M. Lafuente

Luis M. Lafuente is a great Asturian photographer (here). Here's a selection of his work. Links to larger images coming soon.

Aquilegia - Senda del Conde Coalla, Grado, Asturias

Vultures, Grado

Riverine forest -Lagoon vegetation River Cubia

A wild cat in Grados.Wild cats in Spain

Small Tortoiseshell - Ortiguera (Aglais urticae)

Autochthonous forest - Grado


Alomg the Senda del Conde Coalla


Rapids along the River Cubia-Grado

Text to come

Riverine forest -Dulcamara


Dawn over the Sierra del Aramo - Asturias Octuber 2005 - Grado

Trees along the Rio las Varas -La Senda del Conde Coalla, Grado.

Sierra del Aramo by moonlight-Grado

Praying mantis