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Iberian lynx videos

EU Nature 2000 video (2005)

22/09/2006 Another iberian lynx run over near Doñana, making 20 since 2000 (CanalSur) + Video

2006 This 30 minute video by TVE is great. Scripted by lynx expert, Miguel Delibes and screened in May 2006. An excellent overview of all aspects of the species. Click on play. You need flash enabled

And this short film in English below is "about the cork industry in Portugal and how sustainable cork production and the wine industry saves the forests (once) inhabited by the critically endangered Iberian Lynx" (4m3s)

March 2006

New Iberian lynx cub video 7 mega download from Canal Sur. 6 minute video. Download here

Iberian lynx videos

These from Arkive are high-definition. - so unless you've got ADSL don't bother. If you have, it's worth it. Here at Archive You can also download them (4mega a go). Favourites 'catching a patridge' and 'grooming'.

  • Iberian lynx - overview
  • Iberian lynx cubs climbing in a tree
  • Iberian lynx chases and catches rabbit
  • Iberian lynx stalking and catching a partridge.
  • Iberian lynx feeding on a partridge
  • Iberian lynx grooming
  • Iberian lynx scratching a tree
  • Iberian lynx walking through scrub

6min video from 2004 from National Geographic (direct link to video). Worth watching despite naff American voiceover. Cromo the Iberian Lynx

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