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Synoyms for Badger and Fox used in Spain


  • Castilian Spanish: tejón
  • Catalan:  teixó
  • Gallego:  teixugo
  • Euskera:  azkonarra

Local names for the badger used in different parts of Spain:

  • Castilla - tejón, tejo, careto, tajón, tajubo, tajudo, tajugo, tasugo, tesugo.
  • Catalonia - teixó, texó, teixón, toixó.
  • Galicia - teixugo, porco toixó, porco toixo, porco teixo, teixo, teixón, texugo, teixudo, teixugo, tasugo, tourón.
  • Zamora - tejo, teijo, teixo, teixugo, tijugo, tijón.
  • País Vasco - azkonarra, asconarra, azkonar.
  • Navarra & Teruel - azkenarro.
  • Aragón - melón, tachón, tachubo, tachugo, tajugo, tajudo, tejudo, tafugo, tafubo, tafudo, tafú, taxudo, taxugo, teixón, teixo, taixó, taixón, texon.
  • Palencia & Santander - tasugo.
  • Asturias - melandro, melandru, melón, porco, texu, oso enano.
  • Segovia - tasugo, careto.
  • Cuenca & Albacete - tasones. Stolen from .badgers.org.uk. Here.

Badgers are found throughout mainland Spain from the green forests of the Cantabrica to the semi-desert scrubs of Almeria , but are absent from the Canaries and the Balearics. Although not generally considered a high-montane animal, they have been detected as high as 2300m in La Cerdanya in the Catalan Pyrenees. Though not uncommon, badger populations are not as dense in Spain as they are, for example, in the UK , which has possibly the highest. Complete article


Castilian Spanish: zorro

  • Catalan:  guineu
  • Gallego:  raposo
  • Euskera:  azeri arrunta

Local names for the badger used in different parts of Spain:

  • Names used to avoid uttering its name and so invoking its presence: Pedro, María García, Alfonso, Andrés
  • Catalán and Valenciano:  guineu, renard, volpell, guineu, guilla, renart, volp, vop, volpell, volpitz, raposa, rabosa
  • Gallego:  raposo, xau, golpe
  • Euskera:  azeri arrunta.
  • La Rioja: garcia
  • Jaén: gandano
  • Sierra Morena: mariquito
  • Aragon: fuina, raboso, rabosa, raposo, raposa, reposo y guineu.
  • Asturias: rapiega, rapiegu, raposu y rapusu.
  • And;

alfonso, amatulo, amigo, andrés,
aqueloutro, azel, azelko, azeri arrunta, azeri, azeria, bicho, bravío,
fuina, gandano, garcia, golpe, golpejos, golpellos, guilla, guinarda, guineu
comuna, guineu, la zorra, luki, lukia, maría garcía, mariquita, mariquito, o
amigo das pitas, o amigo dos polos, o artista, o das orellas dereitas, o das
orellas largas, o das orellas, o das patas lixeiras, o do rabo, o rabilongo,
o saltaparedes, o sete lanas, pedro, perico, rabosa, raboso, rabuda,
rapiega, rapiegu, raposa, raposo, raposu, rapusu, renart, reposo, señor,
volp, volpell, volpitz, vop, vulpeja, vulpes vulpes, xan, xau, zorra,
zorrilla, zorro común, zorro rojo, zorro.

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