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Monitoring programme of urban biodiversity in Barcelona

Cities enjoy a level of biodiversity higher than we often realise. The conservation and strengthening of biodiversity is an important challenge assumed by the Citizens Commitment for the Sustainability of Barcelona. A vital requirement to be able to conserve this biodiversity is knowledge. Herein arose the need for this programme. The programme involves the monitoring of three important groups of animals: amphibians, reptiles and bats. The three are highly sensitive to alterations and are excellent bioindicators. Volunteers who wish to participate will be provided with all necessary equipment and the knowledge necessary, with classes given by specialized teachers.

The monitoring of bats forms part of the monitoring network of common bats in Catalonia , which is soon to be set up by Galanthus and the Museum of Granollers . The monitoring of amphibians will form part of the Monitoring of Amphibians of Catalonia (SAC).

If you wish to take part , please send us an email a mail @




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