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Prostitution on Valencia’s buses

Valencia, the same city which in 2009, banned adverts promoting atheism on its buses, is now permitting ads for prostitution. No wonder they talk about the Berlusconiation of Valencian politics. Another example of the hypocrisy of the governing right-wing Catholic PP in the region. Image from El Público

And as my mate Glenn points out. “Valencia is very much the Achilles’ heel of the PP: corrupt, riddled with corruption, plagued by wasteful public spending projects which only benefit those who get the contracts. An ideal target for any socialist party that was not …corrupt, riddled with corruption and totally discredited. ¡Que no nos representan!”

Propaganda poster by Joan Miró

Propoganda poster by Joan Miró. 1937. Help Spain. A translation into English ” ‘In the current conflict on the Facist side I see massive forces; on the other side are the people whose immense and creative resourcefullness will give Spain a vitality which will astonish the world.'”

Libetarian women

Full version of Libertarias directed by Vincente Aranda about women militia fighters in the Spanish Civil War. Subtitled in English, Has a number of historical inaccuracies but worth watching for its excellent staging and atmosphere.

Spanish future?

Ghost road layout for urbanisation outside small village in Los Monegros, Aragon, February 2011. A beautiful monument to local greed and corruption.